Why Hire A Veteran

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From The Military Transition Group

In today's tight labor market, transitioning Active Duty Military Personnel represent the single largest source of prospective employees. Approximately 180,000 of these well educated, highly motivated men and women will enter the civilian job market every year. And they aren't casual job seekers out "kicking tires" in hopes of identifying the perfect job opportunity. They are going to accept positions! In addition, many are highly mobile, and will receive relocation assistance from the Federal Government when they leave military service.

Active Duty Military Personnel and Armed Forces Veterans are among the best-trained candidates in the job market. Over 95% have high school diplomas. Over 35% have attended college. Almost 25% have college degrees. Most have received hundreds of hours of specialized management, professional or technical training from the world's largest and most comprehensive training system, the U.S. Military. Many have received professional or technical training and experience that would cost your company thousands of dollars to provide.

Today's modern military is a high technology, computer-based organization. Most military occupations require the ability to use and understand computer systems. Many military occupations require knowledge of state-of-the-art computer technology and systems. Over 90% of all military personnel use computers either at work or at home; over 70% have experience with desktop computers; over 50% have experience with Local Area Networks; almost 20% have experience with mainframe computers.

Many servicemen and women have lived and worked internationally, and are receptive to international assignments. Many speak more than one language.

Transitioning Military Personnel and Armed Forces Veterans tend to be very mature and responsible. They are accustomed to working in an organization that expects them to set high individual standards and objectives -- and meet them. They are also accustomed to working in an environment that depends on exceptional levels of teamwork to succeed. They are confident, self-reliant and resourceful.

Highly-skilled, well-educated female and minority candidates are well-represented in the pool of transitioning Active Duty Military Personnel. If increasing the diversity of your workforce is one of your Company objectives, you absolutely can not afford to overlook this valuable recruiting source.

Today's U.S. Military thoroughly screens all applicants and accepts only the best. Thorough background checks are conducted upon entrance, and frequent random drug testing is now a fact of military life. In addition, the security clearances held by many military personnel require even more in-depth background checks. The Military Transition Group represents only those individuals who have received an honorable discharge, or who will receive one at the end of their military service. Therefore, you know you are hiring individuals who maintained a positive record throughout their military career.